Alfa Romeo has better Technology than Ferrari, but is afraid to take over the competition



Most of us consider Alfa Romeo as fully Italian, but the beginning of this company is not like that at all. It was founded by French automobile industry along with Italian investors in 1906. Ugo Stella, became the chairman of this company that had a hard time selling cars by 1909.
Ugo took a deciding step by founding a new motor company in association with the other investors. The early Alfa Romeo cars were fine pieces of machinery due to which the company succeeded in making cars that appealed to the automobile market of Italy and which would then become a corner stone in automobile engineering and design. In 1915, Neapolitan Nicola Romeo – who was a maths teacher during the era of World War I – took over the company’s management during that time and brought significant changes to the factory’s assembly lines to comply with the high demand of military equipment.
Alfa Romeo has also been involved in racing, having won competitions ever since the birth of their first 24 HP model in 1910 – which entered the famous Sicilian Targa Florio competition. After its start, many victories came equally on various racing tracks all over the European continent. The success of the Alfa Romeo cars through the upcoming 50 years and that image benefited from their impressive performances in motor racing. As a result, it was bought by Finmeccanica S.p.A. 50 years later, in order to avoid bankruptcy.
However, the state would not hold on to it too long and eventually gave it up (again) because of its financial difficulties. Before becoming disoriented in 1986, Fiat adopted it as one of the group’s subsidiaries and since then Alfa has been with Fiat.
Alfa Romeo brand is one of the few European brands that had been unavailable in the US, and had also halted all exports to the North American market in the mid 90’s. But it has returned to US grounds through a mutually beneficial partnership with luxury manufacturer Maserati.
Alfa Romeo has won races including “The World’s Best Motor Race”, the Mille Miglia in 1928, Le Mans, Grand Prix races, The World Sportscar Championship, The German Touring Car Championship, etc. Alfa Romeo is Classy as any Italian Car can be, the company has put hardwork and soul in each one of their creation.
Ugo Stella bought a French Car factory in 1909 and rebranded it as “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” or A.L.F.A. In Italian it means; “Lombard Automobile Factory Company”, which started a new beginning of Italian automaker in Northern Lombardy region of Italy.
After that, The company built vehicles with the goal to achieve speed. More powerful engines were built in the early 19th century, that produced 40 to 60 Horsepower and ALFA ventured into motor racing. That venture stopped because of World War I, which caused the company to focus on the manufacturing of different products and from there the ALFA that we know today was born.
After this, one of the most bizarre logos in the world was formed. In 1910, after the rebranding of the company was done, the Alfa crest debuted and everyone suggested the right-half of the crest, in which a snake is eating a man.

On June 24th 1910, at Milan factory, The ALFA ROMEO came to life and the first car that was designed was the 24 HorsePower, and Giuseppe Merosi was the man behind the work. The company changed its name in Alfa Romeo 5 years later. Alfa Romeo became the synonym of the pure passion. The unique approach of this company in creating cars inspired car makers around the globe.

Since its foundation, Alfa Romeo has competed with its creations to motor racing. 5 world titles have been claimed by this Manufacturer that include the first GP World Championship in 1925, the first two F1 championships that were won by the two legends of Alfa Romeo, the 158 and 159 Alfetta, it also won the 1975 World Manufacturer’s Championship with the 33 TT 12 and the 1977 World Sport Championship with the 33 SC 12 model.
Alfa Romeo has claimed many victories with the Alfa Romeo P3, The Alfa Romeo 6C 1750, The Alfa Romeo 8C, and last but not least, The 155 V6 TI DTM. As the founder of Alfa Romeo had once said: the future belongs to those who have a great history. And the company still stands on it.
During the past 100 years of history Alfa Romeo didn’t just build cars, it created masterpieces of automobile engineering art. Each model of Alfa Romeo is designed to deliver a driving experience that is beautiful, inspirational and most of all, close to human-centric. That is the reason Alfa Romeo is one of the most desired brand in the world for car enthusiasts all around the globe, thanks to the famous road models of Alfa Romeo such as the 1900, Giulietta, Giulia, 1600 Spider Duetto, 75, 164 and 147 and etc.

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